“The forest is their domain. They work there every day of the year, in winter and summer.”

Their father, a logger, was able to pass on this passion in the purest tradition of logging. Philippe and Norbert Dubrez have always been in the trade, and had to tackle the constraints and requirements of their customers at an early stage. This has led a close relationship forming over time with all the players in the industry. This relationship has a long-standing reputation of a solid footing based on trust. The family nature of the company also proves to be a precious asset in the forestry trade, in the sense that the Jura Forêt management assumes full responsibility for both their choices and their decisions. This means that their behaviour is characterised by full commitment and responsiveness to their contacts. Jura Forêt in figures:

  • Annual turnover of 3 mill. euros
  • 50,000 steres in pulpwood
  • 30,000 m3 of timber

Jura Forêt is ideally located in the heart of the Jura forest, within one of Europe’s most beautiful fir forests, in Boujailles (Haut-Doubs). PEFC certified since 2004. French Corporate Register registration no. 344826060.