"Every day we ship trainloads and truckloads bound for France and Europe."

Long since earmarked nearly exclusively for paper mills for manufacturing paper pulp, pulpwood is now seeing development in new uses associated with the sectors of energy and insulation in construction. Wood chips, bark, sawdust, shavings, wood residue, briquettes and wood flour are converted into pressed wood boards and heating fuel, but also increasingly into thermal and acoustic insulation fibres.

"Whether for use by paper mills or other businesses, it is a complex market, in which supply chain success is based on three main parameters. Each consumer, in their own field, needs the right materials, 1- in the requisite quality, 2- in the desired quantity, 3- at the right time. Here, responsiveness really does bear fruit. It is up to us to meet these three criteria; and that is precisely what we do on a daily basis, all year round."