"To provide timber we first need to carry out an extremely rigorous selection process."

Fir, spruce and Douglas are among the materials most highly rated in the construction sector, in particular for their properties of resilience, durability, thermal and acoustic insulation, moisture regulation and for their increasingly prized natural character. All these qualities require a perfect knowledge of each species, each plot and each batch at the forestry stage, in order to satisfy demand as well as possible, by delivering timber free from technical flaws such as frost damage, ring shake, star shake and cracking. We are able to supply you with the desired quantities of timber, sourced from the finest trees in the Jura forest:

  • Logs, including long logs, of framework and cottage building quality
  • Poles for the above-ground telephone and electricity networks
  • Bolts of all lengths and all diameters for frameworks, smallholdings, battens and beams
  • Packaging wood
  • Fire wood