Sawmill operator

"The Jura forests
will continue to be known for their firs, spruces and Douglas." 

We will dedicate ourselves to this goal with passion and rigour, both in the field and in trading. Estimating the standing trees, producing logs and bolts… in everything we do we are contributing to the great chain of the logging industry. At the upstream end of the industry, our work focuses primarily on plots for municipally owned forests, the ONF [French Forestry Agency], forest land owners and sawmills: assessment of the volume and quality of each species, purchasing, harvesting, trading, and safeguarding natural regeneration. Harnessing this resource is in our view only conceivable if we respect the equilibria of the forest environments, by adopting a forward-looking approach, with full awareness of the system. The foundations for the future are laid in the present. Every day, we harness the forest’s resources while preparing the development of harvests for the next thirty years. We lead a team of professionals with modern, extra-high performance equipment:

  • 1 tree feller operator
  • 1 forwarder operator
  • 4 drivers
  • 1 driver-skidder